I used to lie awake nights worrying about how I was going to put three kids through college. Now I sleep like a baby. Thank you!”  - Roberta Black
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Tax Favored Retirement Strategies
 & Much More!
Kevin O'Donoghue
Smart Money, LLC
Over 30 Years of Experience

Sound financial planning is essential to getting the most out of life. Kevin O'Donoghue CEO of Smart Money, LLC has the knowledge and experience to guide you through your important financial decisions. 

How much should you be saving for retirement? What will it cost to put your kids through college? What are the safest investments to make in today’s volatile economy? Get the answers to all your questions from the experts at Smart Money, LLC. 

Specializing In:

Immediate Annuities
CD Rollovers
Indexed Annuities
12% Bonus Strategy
6.0% Annual Compounding Strategy 
Income for Life Annuities
IRA Rollover's
401k Rollover's
Florida Retirement System & Drop Accounts
Life Insurance
Simplified Issue Single Premium Life Insurance 
  (No Exams or Fluid Draws)